HAL Extraction Technology, Ltd Offers New Products To Expand Industry Safety

'Off-gassing hood facilities are among the newer product lines and services HAL Extraction is now offering to customers looking for safer plant oil extraction processes in the cannabis industry.

The Colorado-based company, founded in April 2016, has expanded its product lines and product modifications which, as well as the off-gassing offering, also include approved glass panels for the original Extraction Booth products, improved fan systems, booth height extension configurations, and dual sensor control abilities.

Driving the company in all its product upgrades is the same motivation founder and CEO, Linn Havelick CIH, had when first launching the original product lines. His goal is to vastly improve and engineer compliant solutions to significantly reduce the risks of catastrophic fires and explosions caused using flammable materials such as butane, propane, or ethanol in extracting oils from the cannabis plant.'

Read article published by High Times here.