Equipment Safety Bulletin

Impacts and Actions Resulting from the Recent Enforcement of Electrical Equipment Interlocks with the HAL Extraction Booth by Authority Having Jurisdictions and Third-Party Professional Engineers

Summary of Code Enforcement

As of June 2021, HAL Extraction Technology received approval for and implemented over 300+ Extraction Booths into licensed cannabis manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Successfully navigating the Fire and Building Code approval process is instrumental to HAL Extraction’s mission to deliver code-compliant solutions to an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Within the last year, there has been a stronger push from Plan Checkers and Professional Engineering firms to enforce the requirements detailed in International Fire Code 2018 Chapter 3905.1.5 which states:

IFC 3905.1.5 Electrical components within the extraction room shall be interlocked with the gas detection system. Activation of the gas detection system shall disable all light switches and electrical outlets.

A common electrical configuration within the Extraction Booth is to connect an electrical refrigerant compressor for the extraction system through an outlet rated for hazardous locations. According to IFC 3905.1.5, proper installation of this device requires the electrical outlets in the Booth shall be disabled upon activation of the gas detection system, thereby preventing electricity from being supplied to the refrigerant compressor. The electrical equipment inside the booth is disabled for any Booth state that is considered unsafe for electric operation. The following instances below describe the states of the Extraction Booth in which the Interlock Relay is powered ON/OFF:

- Stand-By State (Fans Off): Interlock Relay OFF

- Base State (0% - 10% LEL): Interlock Relay ON

- Purge State (10% - 25% LEL): Interlock Relay ON

- Emergency State (25+% LEL): Interlock Relay OFF

- Equipment Fault State (NO SIGNAL): Interlock Relay OFF