All HAL Booth configurations and the HAL Extraction Hood have been evaluated by a third-party professional engineering firm, Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), licensed in all 50 states. The HAL Booth has been reviewed and approved using the following codes and standards.

  • NFPA 1, Chapter 38 2018 Marijuana Processing Equipment

  • Washington Fire Code 2019, WAC 51 54A 3800

  • International Fire Code 2018, Chapter 39

  • California Fire Code 2019, Chapter 39

  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2018

  • California Mechanical Code (CMC) 2019

  • Uniform Mechanical Code(UMC) 2021

The PSI Peer Review ensures that the HAL Extraction Booth’s system and components comply with the list of codes provided above, SOPs adhere to appropriate guidelines established by State law, OSHA, and general industry safe practice.

We’d be happy to send your Authority Having Jurisdiction a copy of our 3rd party Professional Engineering Peer-Review, ensuring the compliance and approval of the HAL Extraction Booth and its installation.