Degassing Cabinet

The Degassing Cabinet is an independent space that works in conjunction with the HAL Extraction Booth during the plant oil extraction process. It was created to safely off-gas used plant material still wet with solvents in a contained area, without compromising the safety of your CID1 space.


Degassing Cabinet: Model 20

Interior Square Feet

Interior Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

20 Square Feet

3' 4" L x 6' 7.5" W 7'2" H

4' L x 7' 0.5" W x 7' 5" H

45DGS Iso_edited.png

Degassing Cabinet: Model 45

Interior Square Feet

45 Square Feet

Interior Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

6'5" L x 6'7.5" W x 7'5" H

7'4" L x 6'7.5" W x 7'2" H


Height Extension Package

Height Extension Package 150U.jpg
  • Double tall panel configuration

  • Added frame

  • Added floor anchoring structure

  • Different plenum outlet configuration

  • 16'4" interior height

  • Available for Classic and Intro Series Models 150, 180, & 215 in CID1 or CID2 configurations

  • 10' height option available for Production Series Booths